The Mausoleum

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If I told my story…

From Peter Bradley Adams’ song…

And if I told my story
‘Til I reach the end
Would I leave it all behind me?
Never told again…

Somewhere down a river
There’s a golden shore
Where the pine trees whisper
Words I’ve heard before
There’s a voice that calls me
From the East and West
And I know where it finds me
It won’t let me forget

Of ruins and temples: Polonnaruwa

While these are ruins to the visitors, they are sacred sites to the local people.

Saffron Messiah

A collection of statues from the holy sites in Sri Lanka

Church Ruin

Once again in Kent, The Lees is a valley by the  Downs along the Pilgrims Way.

This image has been added to my Kent project. To view the rest please follow this link:


The ruin on the island

The ruin on the island

The ruin on the island

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