Somewhere in Italy

Somewhere in Italy… I have been checking past images that were not considered good enough; I am  giving them a facelift…


London from the Sky Garden

The top of 20 Fenchurch Street is a fantastic garden with panoramic views of London. Worth a visit.

This is a panoramic built using Adobe LightRoom CC out of 6 exporters, 3 for the top and 3 for the bottom parts.


Teddington Lock

Teddington lock

Two mansions by the Grand Union Canal

Another aspect of London: it’s canals and waterways other than the Thames.

Two magnificent mansions:

HousebyGandUnion-1 HousebyGandUnion

The Thames by Richmond

The river Thames around Richmond

The river Thames around Richmond

As an ongoing project to ‘map’ the river Thames,  an early evening crossing the bridge towards Richmond.

The idea is to document as much as possible the life of the river Thames

Working Greenwich

Working Greenwich

Working Greenwich

As part of an ongoing project of ‘mapping the river Thames’ one can find common places, such as this conveyor belt that delivers sand into the hull of ships and barges. The Thames is still a working river.

The Royal Iris

The Royal Iris

The Royal Iris

The MV Royal Iris was a twin screw, diesel-electric, former Mersey Ferry. The vessel was built by William Denny & Brothers  and launched in December 1950.

It is now in its final resting place, possibly its last.

I am certain there are many stories to be told by and about this rusting old ferry.

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