The Self closeup

I have recently discovered the power of Dynamic Symmetry, its origin, its stipulations and history.

One quote from the person who put the principles together, Jay Hambridge, is worth mentioning: “As moral law without intellectual direction fails, ends in intolerance, so instinctive art without mental control is bound to fail, to end in incoherence. In Art the control of reason means the rule of design.” (Hambridge, Jay. The Elements of Dynamic Symmetry. Dover Publications, Inc., New York. 1967).
I urge all of you to incorporate dynamic symmetry into your static compositions.
This image has been added to my ongoing Portraits collection of images.

The Self – beheaded

Another image added to my on going Portraits collection

The Self – 4

Continuing with my Portraits project: The Self – 4


The Self – 3

Continuing with my “Portraits” collection and focusing on The Self, here a new image.

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The self: portraits

I have started a new collection of images: portraits; starting with the self.

Please follow this link to view the other: Portraits (

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