“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it”

Religion is a controversial subject, yet one can trace the history of strong belief in all religions. The strength of conviction is what I consider lacking in today’s Procrustean times…

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The Self

… but what does it mean?!

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Somewhere in the Andes

One of the snow peaks of Cordillera Quimsa Cruz. To perceive the magnitude of this panorama it is worth pointing out the herd of llamas and alpacas (minuscule dots) to the left of the laguna. (Possibly 16°58’23.8″S 67°30’32.6″W)

Greenwich in infrared


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Where is the Light that was promised me?!!

Listening to a song by David Ramirez where the refrain repeats the urgent question:
Where is the Light… Where is the Light that was promised me?!

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Some Paths on the White Cliffs of Dover

On the White Cliffs of Dover



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An essay on Spring clouds, Kent

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