Memories of a Casa de Hacienda, Cairoma

La Paz, Bolivia

A large clay vase

The Adobe house

The adobe house in Cairoma

The Sea Wall

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The question of Choice, freedom, natural inclination, pre-emptied behaviour, predisposition, The Light or The Dark, as in the image it is not a path that one can leave, but a fixed track, once chosen it will take us to its destination…

5 views of a London Common

After Capar David Friedrich II

It seems I start with an image in mind and end up totally somewhere else…

Exploring Autunm in the park

The Observatory
The old fountain
Mycenae road

Autumn Still Life

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“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it”

Religion is a controversial subject, yet one can trace the history of strong belief in all religions. The strength of conviction is what I consider lacking in today’s Procrustean times…

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