If you’re the Healer…

After Leonard Cohen’s song “You wanted darker”. ‘If you are the healer, it means I’m broken and lame. If thine is the glory, then mine must be the shame. You wanted darker, we killed the flame…

Another image added to my on going Still Life project.

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Three tonalities. Three elements in Flamenco: bailaor, cantaor, guitar.

I have posted new images of this so Spanish an event: Flamenco. Do please visit the link.

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The blues by the gate

The blues at the gate...

The blues at the gate…

Cold and grey,

the blues by the gate…

Dub Reggae

A lover of his music

A lover of his music

As I turned around the corner behind St Giles church, Trafalgar Square, I could hear the heavy sound of a bass: dub reggae-style and a plaintive harmonica above the other prerecorded instruments.

The unrecognised talent of street performers. This artist played his music with all his soul to the few who cared to listen.

A most colourful religious festival


I have added a number of images to illustrate a most surreal, colourful religious celebrations in the world…

I invite you to have a look: https://molinabarrios.wordpress.com/photos/colour-and-religion/

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