The Fall

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Another image added to my on going Still Life projects.

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Chillies and garlic

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This photograph has been added to my ongoing Still Life projects.

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Two nails

A new image added to my on going Still Life projects: Please view the others: Still Life IV

The Patna

The Patna
“The little machine shook and rocked tumultuously, and the crimson nape of that lowered neck, the size of those straining thighs, the immense heaving of that dingy, striped green-and-orange back, the whole burrowing effort of that gaudy and sordid mess, troubled one’s sense of probability with a droll and fearsome effect, like one of those grotesque and distinct visions that scare and fascinate one in a fever.” 
Lord Jim, Joseph Conrad

Artichoke in bloom

This image has been added to my on going Still Life projects.

Not a painting… Digital image from my photographs.
I feel obliged to explain verbally this image:
The original still life photograph is lifted, raised to another level, to another interpretation, and placed in this new ‘reality’. A friend called this final estate: Magic Realism, a term which is commonly applied to literature, specifically Latin American fiction.
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