Achachila Mayor: el Illimani

Achachila: To locals, the high mountain peaks are more than just breathtaking natural phenomena. Known as achachilas in Aymara and apus in Quechua, they’re also considered living beings inhabited by powerful spirits. As controllers of weather and the source of vital irrigation water, these mountain gods must be appeased with constant offerings and worship, since if angered they’re liable to send hailstorms, frost or drought to destroy crops.

Last light of the afternoon


El Illimani: 5 panoramic views of its south face

New slide show with 5 panoramic views of that iconic mountain: Illimani, its south face.

Please follow this link to view the rest of the images:


Llamas and the art of shepherding

A shepherdess takes her herd up the mountain, she uses her sling shot to keep them together.

The drama of nature: a baby llama is alone as the sun sets and bleats anxiously having been left behind. Its instinct will guide it (we hope) to safety before a condor finds it…









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