If I told my story…

From Peter Bradley Adams’ song…

And if I told my story
‘Til I reach the end
Would I leave it all behind me?
Never told again…

Somewhere down a river
There’s a golden shore
Where the pine trees whisper
Words I’ve heard before
There’s a voice that calls me
From the East and West
And I know where it finds me
It won’t let me forget

The Grave

Another image added to my ongoing Imagination projects


Atropos – part IV

Another image added to my Imagination II project. Please follow this link to view the others http://molinabarrios.com/imaginations-ii/

The title refers to a previous 3 images about  choice and the myth of  Three Caskets. Atropos was the oldest of the Three Fates. She chose the mechanism of death and ended the life of each mortal by cutting their thread.



“Habrás muerto y sólo esas cosas hablarán de ti.”


Triptych or Dark Moon III

I have added a new image to my creative “Imaginations II” page: Triptych or Dark Moon III.

Please follow this link to view this slide show, or http://molinabarrios.com/imaginations-ii/

Dark moon III

Dark moon III

Atropos – Part Two

The choice has been made

The choice has been made


The feeling after the storm and the choice has been made…

Atropos and the Three Caskets


“He who chooses it must risk everything”.

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