I have Started a new collection of Still Life photographs.

If you feel curious about what the other 5 collections look like, please do take the time to visit them:

Winns Common from the bedroom window

Moral of the story: you do not need to travel to exotic places… 7 instances.

A leaf of clover

I have added this new still life to my on going Still Life V projects.

Do please visit the other Still Life projects

Winn’s Common, part II

This is the second part of Winn’s Common, Plumstead

Winn’s Common, Plumstead

Early one morning….

The coming Winter

This new Still Life added to my on going Still Life projects

A Winter Vase

I have added this new image to my Still Life V project.

I would so appreciate it if you were to view the other Still Life collections:

The Annunciation

A reflection on the disorientation of religion: The Angel addresses himself to the void, while Mary stands in the foreground looking in a different direction, one of a crowd.

A memory of Bewl Water

Autumn harvest

This image has been added to my on going Imagination V project.

I would very much appreciate it if you were to visit the other 4 Still Life collections.

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