Summary Portfolio

Digital imaging provides a myriad of possibilities. There is very little on this world that has not been photographed and one might venture into stating that everyone is now a photographer. What makes a photograph exceptional, unique? Simply the intention and the vision of the photographer.

I have no qualms in stating clearly that all my photographs make extensive use of post processing  because ‘it is not what I see but how I see it’ as Alfred Stieglitz once said.

This exhibition is divided mainly in two themes: Landscapes and ‘Imaginations’.

The former include Kentish landscapes, Andean images and a selection of black-and-whites grouped under the title ‘A Murder of Silhouettes‘.

The latter, or ‘Imaginations’ are digital art,  a composite of several photographs that make up a scene with a surreal air. In a way, what I try to achieve is inspired by the depth of music and the various melodies, instruments and notes that together make up one piece. One begins with a general idea, a feeling based on a single image, and through the adventure of creation, the result is as surprising to me as it might be to the viewer. Once a photograph has been processed it becomes unique. I have tried to reprocess a photograph but discovered that the result is always different because my method is intuitive. Having said that I do control my tools with a solid knowledge of their possibilities: cameras, Photoshop, Lightroom, and above all Light.

My photographs do not appeal to the intellect; they have no intellectual construct, theory or intent. The viewer may simply like them or not.

Please follow this link to view the selected images: Summary portfolio
or the link from the drop-down menu above, top right.


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