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Digital imaging provides a myriad of possibilities. There is very little on this world that has not been photographed and one might venture into stating that everyone is now a photographer. What makes a photograph exceptional, unique? Simply the intention and the vision of the photographer.

I have no qualms in stating clearly that all my photographs make extensive use of post processing  because ‘it is not what I see but how I see it’ as Alfred Stieglitz once said.

My photographs do not appeal to the intellect; they have no intellectual construct, theory or intent. The viewer may simply like them or not.

In revising my work recently, I realise that my unconscious effort was/is to bridge the gap between traditional photography and traditional painting. The operative words here are ‘traditional’ and ‘bridge the gap’.
I feel obliged to explain my work verbally, going against David Lynch’s statement that words (one medium of communication) cannot explain an image: The original photograph is lifted, raised to another level, to another interpretation, and placed on this new reality. An art critic called this final estate: Magic Realism, a term which is commonly applied to literature, specifically Latin American fiction.
Far too many times I have been asked if some of my work is a photograph of a painting, missing the point all together, and equally more often than not people ask me how the image is done. No one goes to an exhibition of paintings and asks the artist: how did you do it?. We accept the ‘how’ and delve into the image itself.

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