Three tonalities. Three elements in Flamenco: bailaor, cantaor, guitar. I have posted new images of this so Spanish an event: Flamenco. Do please visit the link. Many thanks.

Mudejar and Azul tiling

It is an overpowering feeling to see such abundance of patterns,  yet there is order in that apparent caos.

Exentric statue

I liked this statue for its comical eccentricity, including the dog turd he is steping on


When I was very young, my uncle Cesar would take me to the ‘Corrida de Toros’, so I have a rather imaginary vision of the event. I bought the photo above in Seville, at the door of the Maestranza, the mythical bull ring, where a few years earlier we viewed a ‘corrida’ that left me rather deflated. I did not like or understand the…

A similarity in Seville

Talking about Chris and Christianity: I say the man above, a market seller, in such a pose that it almost mimicked the image of Christ on the cross, but with a benevolent look on him.  

Plaza España

The wide open squares of Spanish cities, reflecting the heat of the southern territory. Moorish influence everywhere. http://www.molinabarrios.wordpress.com