Atropos and the Three Caskets

“He who chooses it must risk everything”.

The masks of a Colourful Festival

And to illustrate the detail and craftsmanship of the costumes, I have uploaded some illustrations of the masks worn by the dancer in the festival of Gran Poder.

A most colourful religious festival

I have added a number of images to illustrate a most surreal, colourful religious celebrations in the world… I invite you to have a look:

The mystery of an Angel

A couple of days ago I saw this photo of mine on a friend’s wall and it brought me back to the memory of why I took this picture. It was the mystery of the angel’s demeanour : he seemed to be in a different reality, so involved was he in his own ritual. It was during a yearly festival in La Paz that…

A similarity in Seville

Talking about Chris and Christianity: I say the man above, a market seller, in such a pose that it almost mimicked the image of Christ on the cross, but with a benevolent look on him.