The Beginning was the Word

  “In the origin The Word had been existing and That Word had been existing with God and That Word was himself God”. John 1:1    

Pilgrim II

Another image part of my ‘Imaginations II‘ collection. Please follow this link to view the other images:  

Church Ruin

Once again in Kent, The Lees is a valley by the  Downs along the Pilgrims Way. This image has been added to my Kent project. To view the rest please follow this link:

The Sacred

Faith is a gift. A new image added to my collection of “Imaginations II“. Please follow this link to view the others in this collection:

Cordoba and the Mezquita

Twelve views: Córdoba and the Mezquita. A sample of 3 images below. Please view the slide show with the 12 images following this link, or visit  

Jacob’s ladder

And Jacob dreamt a dream…       Another image added to my ‘Imaginations‘ section (