A squirrel preparing for Winter

One of those moments that could have passed unnoticed, walking down the path I happen to turn to my left and I saw a brief glance of  Winter in that old oak tree that had shed its leaves, the squirrel and the church spire in the distance.

Working Greenwich

As part of an ongoing project of ‘mapping the river Thames’ one can find common places, such as this conveyor belt that delivers sand into the hull of ships and barges. The Thames is still a working river.

The Royal Iris

The MV Royal Iris was a twin screw, diesel-electric, former Mersey Ferry. The vessel was built by William Denny & Brothers  and launched in December 1950. It is now in its final resting place, possibly its last. I am certain there are many stories to be told by and about this rusting old ferry.

Exentric statue

I liked this statue for its comical eccentricity, including the dog turd he is steping on

Plaza España

The wide open squares of Spanish cities, reflecting the heat of the southern territory. Moorish influence everywhere. http://www.molinabarrios.wordpress.com

A modern Seville

Here is an example of modern Seville: Metropol Parasol. A contrast to the old city, so traditional. The contrast? View some examples: https://molinabarrios.wordpress.com

Seville: old and new

In our visit to Seville, we had the pleasure of viewing old and new elements of that southern Spanish city. The example in this image is la Casa Pilatos, of mudejar style: A staircase to the top floor is decorated with azulejos tiling and a ceiling of Mudéjar honeycomb, made by Cristobal Sanchez. Please view a set of very modern Seville as well as the traditional city: https://molinabarrios.wordpress.com/photos/sevilla-old-and-new/

In Soho’s back streets

  Walking back  to Charring Cross station  from my present job via the narrow back streets of Soho in London this past Wednesday evening I came across a beautiful Roller. Where else would you find such a perfect setting for a car-shoot for free? This Rolls Royce belongs to a famous writer, as explained to me by the driver/bodyguard who was not willing to…

An unusual London pub

If you wish to travel back in time the Old Mill in South East London is the place. A pub where the landlord will invite you  to taste the garden nettles and converse with you about anything with erudite  knowledge.