Dub Reggae

As I turned around the corner behind St Giles church, Trafalgar Square, I could hear the heavy sound of a bass: dub reggae-style and a plaintive harmonica above the other prerecorded instruments. The unrecognised talent of street performers. This artist played his music with all his soul to the few who cared to listen.

Wassailing or 12th Night

Wassailing/Yulesinging takes place on Twelfth Night. In this occasion a large crowd of people wait for the arrival of the Green-Man by boat from further up the river Thames. On landing he performs the traditional wassailing. He then is received by a troupe of Mummers who proceed to perform a parody of George and the Dragon and contemporary England and politicians.

A travelling gentleman

I have been watching  an interesting character here in central London, Piccadilly, for weeks but never had a chance to talk to him. I asked him if I could take his picture. He was quite agreeable. One of the many interesting people in London.

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