Where the air is thin

I have posted a new collection of 10 photographs on high altitude dwellings. Please follow this link to view the other 10 in slide show format: http://molinabarrios.com/photos/where-the-air-is-thin/ Here is a sample of 3 images

El Illimani: 5 panoramic views of its south face

New slide show with 5 panoramic views of that iconic mountain: Illimani, its south face. Please follow this link to view the rest of the images: http://molinabarrios.com/photos/el-illimani-5-vistas-panoramicas/

De bofedales y otras texturas

I have added 17 images in slide show format on the various textures high up above 4500 metres over sea level near and around the Serranías de Murillo, La Paz. Here a sample of three images; please follow this link to view the others. (http://molinabarrios.com)

Valleys around La Paz: 10 views

I begin a series of photographs showcasing the region around La Paz, Bolivia. Please follow this link to view the other 7 images: Ten Views of the valleys around La Paz Here a sample:

The masks of a Colourful Festival

And to illustrate the detail and craftsmanship of the costumes, I have uploaded some illustrations of the masks worn by the dancer in the festival of Gran Poder.

A most colourful religious festival

I have added a number of images to illustrate a most surreal, colourful religious celebrations in the world… I invite you to have a look: https://molinabarrios.wordpress.com/photos/colour-and-religion/

A very honest man

I would like to share with all those who would like to hear the opinions of a very honest man: José Mujica, the president of Uruguay. What is clear is the strength of his convictions, his humility and the wisdom of his age. I have tried to embed a video but it does not seem to work (?!). Please follow this link to view the…