The windmill at Walmer

The view from the caravan’s bedroom window

Flores para los muertos…

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Somewhere in the Andes: Serranias de Murillo

This is one of the landscapes of the upcoming collection on another section of The Andes: Serranias de Murillo

To Cairoma along cordillera tres cruces, La Paz

Not long ago when returning to the country of my birth I decided to visit the lands where my grandparents’ properties were located: Cairoma and Araca, south of the city of La Paz (-67.538221 -16.902729 approximately from Google Maps).The stories I heard as a child of long journeys my mother, her brothers and sisters undertook as small children, travelling on baskets either side of mules through…

Stabat Mater (Lirios)

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Somewhere in the Andes

One of the snow peaks of Cordillera Quimsa Cruz. To perceive the magnitude of this panorama it is worth pointing out the herd of llamas and alpacas (minuscule dots) to the left of the laguna. (Possibly 16°58’23.8″S 67°30’32.6″W)

In the Forest

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Strawberries in spring

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My kitchen window

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