Somewhere in Spain

Some years back, on my way to Portugal through Northern Spain, over the Picos de Europa by motorcycle I took this picture, reworked now to complete my vision. I have a Yamaha V-Max 1200 that puts a smile on my face every time I ride it.

Natural History Museum, London

A photograph I have taken some years ago reworked with Zone System Express, one of Blake Rudis plugins. I recommend his contribution to creative photography to any professional or budding photographer.

In the clouds

This is the first image of a new collection: Imaginations VI. Please visit the other collections. Thank you!

In a garden…

Using the elements of Dynamic Symmetry, the irrational number 1.618 or Phi (The Golden Mean) for the construction of a composition. This image is part of my Still Life projects. Please follow the link to view the other projects. Thank you!

The Tower

Added to my on going Imaginations projects. Please visit the others. Thank you. Imagination I Imaginations II Imaginations III Imaginations IV 

A garden wall

At Lorraine’s home…

An old Spanish Village

A once discarded image….

The Train

A parable of stagnant, dead systems and the inevitable This new image has been added to my ongoing Imaginations projects. Please follow this link to view the others.  


I have added this image to my ongoing “Imaginations V” project. Please visit the link to view the others.