The Tarnished Mirror

Another image added to my Imaginations IV collection

El Angel del Gran Poder

The yearly celebration of Jesus del Gran Poder gathers over 40,000 participants/dancers every year in May/June in La Paz, Bolivia. It is now considered part of UNESCO’s Cultural Heritage.  I have published a book about this celebration and you can view the digital version here: Gran Poder  

Silk, Ring, Trapeze and strength

The Aircraft Circus: end of the year  students performance. Brilliant!

After Ryoji Ikeda

I  took some photographs while at Ryoji Ikeda’s ‘supersymmetry’ exhibition and felt the need to emulate his dynamic digital art and freeze it: the random atoms that make up the universe.

Circolombia at the Round House

Although slightly delayed, my impression of the trapeze artist at the Round House this past may. this image is part of my Imaginations II ongoing project. To view the other images, please follow this link:


Three tonalities. Three elements in Flamenco: bailaor, cantaor, guitar. I have posted new images of this so Spanish an event: Flamenco. Do please visit the link. Many thanks.

The masks of a Colourful Festival

And to illustrate the detail and craftsmanship of the costumes, I have uploaded some illustrations of the masks worn by the dancer in the festival of Gran Poder.

A most colourful religious festival

I have added a number of images to illustrate a most surreal, colourful religious celebrations in the world… I invite you to have a look:

The mystery of an Angel

A couple of days ago I saw this photo of mine on a friend’s wall and it brought me back to the memory of why I took this picture. It was the mystery of the angel’s demeanour : he seemed to be in a different reality, so involved was he in his own ritual. It was during a yearly festival in La Paz that…