London E1 street art

The amount of street art on and around Brick Lane, London E1, the borrow of Tower Hamlets, is so vast that it is a major task to record all of it, from miniatures to vast wall paintings. My selection of 16 images can be viewed following this link: Here is a sample of 3 images

Hackney E9 street art

As part of my ongoing project: London’s street art, some examples found in Hackney, E9. Please follow this link to view the complete slide show of London’s Street Art here; or follow this link:    

On the Embankment, London

Added to my ongoing project on Street Art

London from the Sky Garden

The top of 20 Fenchurch Street is a fantastic garden with panoramic views of London. Worth a visit. This is a panoramic built using Adobe LightRoom CC out of 6 exporters, 3 for the top and 3 for the bottom parts.

Grand Union canal

A black and white added to my London Views slide show, or visit

Snapshots of a street market

There is a fascinating street market every Thursday in Seville: Feria in La Macarena neighbourhood. I have added a new slide show with 17 images please follow this link to view it or: These are 4 examples:

A murder of silhouettes

I feel it is necessary to explain the title of this collection, taken from a song by Tom Waits: Alice.  As a group of chickens is called a peep, a group of ducks a paddling, a convocation of eagles,  a murmuration of starlings, a wisdom of owls and  a group of crows is called a murder of crows. My title, therefore, refers to a group of dark…

Cordoba and the Mezquita

Twelve views: Córdoba and the Mezquita. A sample of 3 images below. Please view the slide show with the 12 images following this link, or visit