Toledo in monochrome

A new slide show of Toledo. Please follow this link to view the 13 images

An afternoon on Hampstead Heath

I am having a break from majestic mountain photos!

Looking back: dawn over La Paz

As we climbed toward the Serranías de Murillo, we looked back over the city we left behind.

London E1 street art

The amount of street art on and around Brick Lane, London E1, the borrow of Tower Hamlets, is so vast that it is a major task to record all of it, from miniatures to vast wall paintings. My selection of 16 images can be viewed following this link: Here is a sample of 3 images

Hackney E9 street art

As part of my ongoing project: London’s street art, some examples found in Hackney, E9. Please follow this link to view the complete slide show of London’s Street Art here; or follow this link:    

On the Embankment, London

Added to my ongoing project on Street Art

London from the Sky Garden

The top of 20 Fenchurch Street is a fantastic garden with panoramic views of London. Worth a visit. This is a panoramic built using Adobe LightRoom CC out of 6 exporters, 3 for the top and 3 for the bottom parts.