My impressions of Dungeness

I was invited, with a number of other artists, to take part in a project based around Dungeness.  ” The site is quite extraordinary – driftwood and chunks of metal interrupting the flow of a long shingle beach that turns the corner at a vast nuclear power station.  The area is covered with shingle and sea plants and includes Derek Jarman’s famous garden”. The words of Tim Cousins, the organiser.

This is my impression of Dungeness:

9 Comments on “My impressions of Dungeness

    • Looking at it again, I think a bit darker would have been better….
      Thank you for such a generous comment, Rabirius

  1. Javier, I am left with the sensation that I am looking at a painting, not a photograph. Your photographic ability is a mystery to me, but I admire your work tremendously

    • Thank you so much, Beatriz. This is the first time in my numerous projects that I have planned and worked out the image before hand. I normally fly by the seat of my pants, letting my subconscious dictate the mood and style of the image, and learning all along…

  2. Brilliant photography as always. Agree with Beatriz’ comment that the photos look like paintings and I also ask. How do you make / take such photographs?

    • Thank you for your comment, Someone.
      This is a composite of several images: each element is a photograph, plus 4 cloudscapes, various colour adjustments and a final texture overlay.
      I do hope this gives you an idea of the work involved…

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