A murder of silhouettes

I feel it is necessary to explain the title of this collection, taken from a song by Tom Waits: Alice.
 As a group of chickens is called a peep, a group of ducks a paddling, a convocation of eagles,  a murmuration of starlings, a wisdom of owls and  a group of crows is called a murder of crows.
My title, therefore, refers to a group of dark shadows: a murder of silhouettes.
Please follow this link to view the whole collection of 17 images. Or  http://molinabarrios.com/photos/a-murder-of-silhouettes/
Here 3 images of said collection:

7 Comments on “A murder of silhouettes

  1. Great collection..I love the surrealism on the hand through the window ..what’s the story behind that photo? How did that perfect hand got there?

    • Much as I would like to take credit for the e photo with the hand, it is a construct in the museum of art of La Cartuja, Seville. My work limits itself to capturing the light. @8 + didonablog

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