Dub Reggae

A lover of his music

A lover of his music

As I turned around the corner behind St Giles church, Trafalgar Square, I could hear the heavy sound of a bass: dub reggae-style and a plaintive harmonica above the other prerecorded instruments.

The unrecognised talent of street performers. This artist played his music with all his soul to the few who cared to listen.

Atropos and the Three Caskets


“He who chooses it must risk everything”.

Two mansions by the Grand Union Canal

Another aspect of London: it’s canals and waterways other than the Thames.

Two magnificent mansions:

HousebyGandUnion-1 HousebyGandUnion

Two London window displays


Same street, two displays

Same street, two displays

The same London street, two shops next to each other, two different concepts…

A Kentish church

A Kentish church

A Kentish church

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