The Thames by Richmond

The river Thames around Richmond

The river Thames around Richmond

As an ongoing project to ‘map’ the river Thames,  an early evening crossing the bridge towards Richmond.

The idea is to document as much as possible the life of the river Thames

3 Comments on “The Thames by Richmond

    • Thank you for your comment. It will take me some time to visit/walk a good length of the Thames but doable.
      How is your project of relocating? And congrats for your first deviation

      • It’s certainly worth the time and the effort. You can make a nice exhibition after you finish with this project, i think people will be interested to see it, since you’ll be offering many views of this river that most people won’t ever see. Even if they live there i doubt it that they would ever take the time to try and do this. It’s still early to say anything for sure about my relocating. I’m at the point were i do all the research about what papers i’ll need, sending out resumes, refreshing my German, etc. Hopefully i can do a few jobs here and gather some money so i can go before March. We will see, i’m keeping a positive attitude about this 🙂 and thank you for asking!

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